I returned to Japan.

Rd7 was the third place.
The ninth place series ranking finish.

It was hard one year. However, I improve.

The people whom I supported, thank you.


Formula drift Rd3 NJ

Hello, all of you.

Rd3NJ was over.

I returned to Japan.

In Wall, a team got a new engine ready.

The new engine was well-conditioned.

You should be able to be still improved, but believe that a team cooperates.

Please expect it in we Drift emporium in the future.


The middle of the night of May 5

Jon. which I repaired without sleeping

It was an effort of Jon that I was able to run on a preliminary day.

Thank you for Jon.


FormulaDrift Rd2

I returned to Japan.

I lost to Mustang this time.

There were many troubles.

There is still many points that should be improved in S15.

The all of you whom I supported, thank you!


Formula Drift 2010 Rd1

The team of this year is Drift Emporium.

And the car is S15.


Thank you everyone

I would love to thank everyone who supported me and Formula Drift 2009.


With warm support of all of my sponsors, my fans, and Bridges Racing.

My 2009 season has been very interesting in many ways. But It became

more meaningful than interesting.

The result wise, This year was much tougher than last year, but at the same time I learned a lot of things. I believe everything I learned this year will definitely be my preasure and power of mine to challenge more and even farther.

With the passion that I was given by all the people supported me for whole entire season, I will move forward to achieve great 2010 season.

I hope everyone who supported me to still be with me and  support me for next season and farthar more.



Again, I would like to thank every one of you who are being updated with my blog, who came to see me at any events, and all of the fans of Drift.

I hope to see everyone very soon.



Party with J-crew

First of all, I experienced disqualify for Formula Drift for the very first time.

What happened was… indiscribably dissapinting sh#t. Just simply I was dissapointed.



On Sunday, after all J-crews got back from Sonoma, we all went to eat at Kappo Honda in Fountain Valley CA.

This day was my birth day, and also we celebrated Ryuji Miki and Ken Gushi for their podium finish.


There were people that are involved with DRIFT only, so naturally the conversation was all about drift & cars.

  We stayed their for about 3 hours and at the end, everyone sung happy birthday for me along a cake.


Thank you everyone! I love you guys.

After we left this restaurant,

we stayed right in front of the place for about 4 hours to talk everything about drift.

In between the drift conversation, we were talking about who looks like a gay the most.

We came out with the result that Hiro Sumida looks like a agay the most. Congrats Hiro!

and the conclusion was…

All of us just love Drift!!

It was a very good day after tiring and stressful days in Sonoma.


Back From Round.5 Seattle

I just got back from Seattle.

Me and my team crew hop on a truck and drove all the way to Seattle.

It was a new experience to me, and pretty tiring,

but, It was a kind of interesting to drive across West Coast.

Next time if I drive up to Seattle, I wanna have more time to enjoy the sights, towns, natures and stuff like that.


The result of the round.5 was…


Top 16.

I cound not beat my friend Ross Petty at Top 16 Tsuiso (Tandem battle)

We did 2 One more times. so for the total, we ran 6 times together.

I lost but, It was fun!


The very first time of this year, I could drift a lot and had fun a lot without any machine trouble.

And second time showing up for the Opening Ceremony.

It always feels so good.

Round5 O/C 

When you tow a trailer next time,

Be sure that you have tires right, because



This is not a great thing to have on your way to home.


All star bash @ willow springs

Last weekend, me and my team went to Willow Springs to do some practice.

ASB 1 2009 JUL

This day, Just Drift was having an event called All Star Bash, and I was so surprised that some people came all the way from Washington and Michigan and other far places either to drift or just to watch.

These people were having fun and I really liked that.

The course that I drove was the STREET its called, It was a first time for me to drive on this course but I was pretty excited.

ASB 2 2009 JUL

The event started at 9am and the drivers meeting was at 7am.

Like always my team was behind the schedule, and we got to the place around 10am.

Quickly get ready and got into the course.

First I was driving very simple. Not so much drifting or crazy turns, I was just trying to remember how the course is like and,


Water temp. Like always. Get back to the pit and let’s see what happened.

Head Gasket seems very suspicious, or actually broken…..

But we drove about 2 hours just for this event, so I still did not wanna quit driving yet.

So, Get back to the course and practice.

I gave Hiro Sumida a ride for about 3 raps,

So unwanted noise was caught in my ear.

The major motor damage, the main baring blow.

We did not have much time till FD Round 5 Seattle so,

As soon as we got back to Bryan’s place, Bryan, Andy took the motor out from the car.

Under the hood w/ motor

Bryan and other guys are working hard on this problem now.

We have 2 more days till we leave So Cal.

I just cross my fingers that we can make it to Seattle.


Party @ Bay Side in Torrance

I went to a party @ Bay Side in Torrance.

People were dancing, talking…

I don’t really go to this kind of parties or places usually, but it was a kind of fun actually.

I met new people like

These guys.

Nishida twins

wow dudes…. it even looks like somebody photoshoped two different pictures into one.

It was niced meeting  you Nishida brothers.


And more surprise was…


Ross @ bayside


How can you miss this guy with a fabulous goaty!

It was so random to find him at the party but,

I like this guy. He knows how to have fun living his life. AND OF COURSE

 Ross @ NJ

He knows drifting.

And most importantly, He speaks Japanese! How awesome he is.

He is one of the most importat drift friend in the U.S to me because

To me Japanese speakers are the only people that I can communicate to by myself.


It was great to see you Ross.

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